From the day we were separated by country borders we commenced a correspondence. The wordless correspondence aimed to maintain a profound understanding of the other although separated by space. The letters are simple self-portraits, drawn everyday for 155 days and sent to the other once a week. The complete work consists of 310 self-portraits trying to overcome the limitations of speech and space.


Utopia Intime is a study in intimacy, in patterns, in longing, in understanding the self by seeing the other. An ode to ritual, to repetition and to intense intimacy under a physical distance.

At our residency in Via Farini - Milano, we intend to close a chapter of our ever-changing relation. 

The 310 drawings will be bound into a book in order to close the opened letters. A sculpture will become the shrine for the book to embody the impermanent and ambiguous impression of the past.

The Via Farini residency will take please in spring/summer 2021.

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