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Rituals of Gathering


What is the difference between a ritual and a daily habit? Does the ritual evoke a presence and awareness while being performed, that the habit does not?

Are our habits not in fact rites of the daily life? 

In the exhibition, RITUALS OF GATHERING we question what is habit and what is ritual. Then, by raising the awareness around the everyday objects of habit we wish to both blur and accentuate the border between the two. The theme of the habit is gathering, to memorise the moments we have shared habits between us. Each object has the purpose of becoming a gathering point between people and atmospheres through the stimulation of sensory impressions and natural materials. 

All works are sharing the ambiguousness of the usage and can be used for several purposes. However, they are all vessels holding an element to gather around. Each of the vessels are named after the element that they will carry. The main material of the exhibition is the local green tufo from the Island of Ischia, where the studio of Ghezzi Agerskov is currently based. The green stone with its purple veins, is at the exhibition composed with Ardesia, Onyx, Azul Cielo, and other precious marbles. We have sculpted the stone with the help and expertise of stone masons, and each piece is finally defined and refined directly in the workshop. 

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Each object is designed for the solo exhibition, Rituals of Gathering held at Swing design Gallery (IT)

19 Dec 2020 - 01 March 2021

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